Outsourced Strategy

Do you have a strategy ? Are you familiar with market positioning (identity, products, services, differentiation), development scenario design, and return on investment continuous monitoring ?

A company with a few millions turnover (up to a few tens) is seldom able to hire a full time strategist. We offer customised advice from one to three days per month, in order to nurture a consistent and updated vision that is federating your customers, employees and partners around a readable common project.

Lean Pricing

Aware of recurrent situations at our clients ( on one side, too high prices are generating expectations in terms of quality, creativity and continuous performance improvement that might be inconsistent with the company’s capacities ; on the other side, too weak prices – compared to the potential of the market – limit the ability to innovate and downgrade work conditions. Eventually, inflexible price catalogues are not dynamically exploiting the actual productivity gains generated by process optimisation initiatives ) we have successfully merged Lean & Pricing management methodologies to build a unique and highly effective approach.


Blue chips, what do you tell us ? An intense and sometimes painful process optimisation phase is just behind you. Now, you want to innovate, protect yourself, or even survive. And in any case, give a sense of belonging to your staff.

Smaller companies, fast growing ones in particular, you know how to give a sense of belonging to your employees – and you actually innovate ; through, you are struggling to optimise and structure your processes. Highly experienced, with a long track record of tangible results, we are proposing the best synthesis of organisation approaches adapted to mid-caps.

Story telling

We believe in the power of text ! Words have a considerable weigh, especially when bearing a company’s strategy and communicating with customers, prospects, employees, partners and public services.

When and how, how fast, with what style do you want to announce the birth of a new offering to the market, to mobilise your employees to actively participate in a sales efficiency improvement program, to convince a strategic prospect thanks to a thoroughly prepared negotiation plan – orally and in writing ?

We propose a strategic story telling approach that has proved efficient in many occasions.


Since inception in 2013, the company has served twenty five customers in many sectors varying from legal services to entertainment through tourism, fashion, financial services, sport, communication, education, consulting and advisory services, information technology, start-ups and scale-ups, e-commerce, interim, recruitment, cleaning services, building, security and public services.

With what common denominators ?

A brand new and efficient approach of strategic and organisational analysis, adapted to the size and stakes of small and mid-caps.

A renowned set of competencies in the services sector (in particular intellectual services).

We help you positioning your company on the market, revealing its unleashed potential, building a three to five years financial simulation, building your investment plan – and your return on investment plan ! Between two workshops, a concrete action plan is set-up. Results are amazing (see “witnesses” below”).

Christian Auriach 

Strategy & organisation

I divide my time between management consulting, artistic development, teaching in a business school (ESCP Europe) and writing.

Accenture partner from 2005 to 2013, I’ve held various management positions before at Andersen Consulting, Matra Cap Systèmes and Credit Lyonnais (International network coordination, Central Europe & Asia).

Key skills : strategy & business transformation.

Selected business areas : Law, Finance, Art, Business services.

Jean-Philippe Marchand

Preferred partner – Company financial evaluation

Beyond figures, there is people. As finance & accounting expert, I always keep this in mind.

I have held various financial audit & consolidation functions before setting-up my own company, partnering with Auriach in the field of startup valuation.

Key skills : financial evaluation.

Selected business areas : business services & real estate.

Catherine Colbus 

Preferred partner – Pricing & revenue management

Since 25 years, I have been passionate about designing & deploying pricing / revenue management / Revenue integrity strategies.

I have been in various management positions in this field at Air France & Europcar. Collaborating with Auriach, I am mobilising all my know-how in building optimised pricing strategies.

Key skills : Pricing.

Selected business areas : fixed capacity & variable demand (transport, tourism, entertainment).

Philippe Auriach 

Preferred partner – Technical evaluation

Engineer in data processing, I share my experience in building & maintaining highly constrained (volume & availability) web sites and mobile applications.

I assess the relevance & efficiency of customer experiences, of the design, the performance & maintainability of software solutions.

Key skills : web & mobile software.

Key selected areas : artistic & cultural sector, business services.

Catherine Havy 

Preferred partner – Notary offices operations

I stimulate a collaborative atmosphere within notary offices where we implement new processes in order to achieve planned strategic shifts.

A notary myself, I have held various management positions ranging from head of legal in real estate companies to legal advisor for leasing businesses.


Key skills : Operations management, real estate.

Selected business areas : Notary business.

Stéphane Nicolas 

Preferred partner – Business intelligence

I scrutinise competitive environments, assess the main actors and determine the position of a company compared to its rivals.

After a jet fighter pilot career in the French Air Force, my business intelligence skills are key in my collaboration with Auriach.

Key skills : business intelligence.

Selected business areas : aerospace, public sector.


Web agency turnover increase
Law firm turnover Increase
Strategic executive coaching satisfaction rate


Players and managers : from rugby school to business

Rugby players embody team spirit.

It is an understatement. This behaviour, so usefull at work, is more acquired than innate. For instance, the french rugby federation is promoting its own specific learning method, that is proving key in transforming young players with varied natures and behaviours into seasoned teamplayers (FFR). It is applicable to both boys and girls.


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Noticed in the “Almanach Hachette de la vie pratique de l’année 1897”, in the “practical economy” section :

Question : “I am the owner of 20 chauffeured vehicles, writes one of the most important carriage renters of a provincial town. Maintenance and cavalry replacement costs siphon all my profit. How could I reduce, at least partially, expenses that weigh so heavily on my establishment ?”

Answer : It is widely known that most mentioned expenses, fixing axles, springs, lanterns, … come from bumps, judder, falls that rapidly deteriorate a service carriage. Same for the horse ; the more the road it follows is “juddered”, the faster it exhausts itself.

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Outsourcing and process optimisation

There are plenty of clubs, associations, schools and circles of influence dealing with process optimisation. The only way to find a way through is to consider concrete cases, borrowing adequate tools to various approaches if needed, corresponding to recognisable situations on the field. In the context of services process outsourcing, we regard a double prism (systems thinking* and lean) as virtuous. Through an example from the asset management business, we explain why.

* Here, the word “systems” does not refer to a technical capability, but to a holistic vision of the company.

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Consulting will become a mature business under the condition that general audience understands it (see also Consultants and general audience). In this respect, spreading stories is more efficient than masterfull speeches or presentations on big screens. An example follows.

Corrado, former foreman in the manufacturing industry, was responsible for maintaining the energy supply system of an industrial site. Now retired, he remembers having been exposed to consulting assignments twice in his professional life.

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Are your offerings adapted to Small / Mid-caps ?

Definitively yes. Especially our short timeframe approaches (starting with a half-day workshop) are suited to the time and money these customers are ready to spend. Our online offerings are also saving travel costs.

Do you apply the same approaches for a small/mid cap, a regional champion or an multinational bluechip ?

Strictly speaking no. The communication angle is different. But the fundamentals remain the same. Consulting methods and tools that were successfully experienced at Bluechips (strategic analysis, lean – process optimisation) can be happily adapted to smaller entities. Conversely, big ones tend to copy the agility of their young sisters.

Is the offering list a comprehensive one ?

No. We are covering a wider spectrum, including strategy, organisation, HR and process engineering consulting. We also propose individual strategic coaching cycles to people wishing to step back from their current activity and build / update their career path.

What do you mean by “online consulting” ?

This is a remote issue analysis and survey offering. We question you by phone / chat and return our customised analysis in a matter of hours (or days in case the situation is too complex).

What is the best way to contact you ?

Us the contact dedicated form.



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